All Triumph parts for sale are off the same 2014 675R. I bought the bike from the original owner with 2000 miles on it. This is a track only bike for me so I’m selling various parts I don’t need. All parts ship from Fleming Island, FL 32006.  Occasionally I forget to mark something sold but most of the time not, feel free to text or call. 904-654-0221.

IMG_1402Have questions? Contact me.

EvoTech Black powder coated aluminum Chain guard $75 shipped  SOLD 1/24/17



EvoTech Tidy Tail with Short stalk turn signals. includes SS mounting hardware. $20 Shipped

EvoTech Tidy Tail with turn signals. Includes mounting hardware. $195 Shipped SOLD 8/1/17



Triumph Solo seat cover. $100 shipped SOLD 7/23



Undertail piece with screen side vents.  I have also put 3M clear film on this to keep the stone chips flying up off the rear wheel from taking its toll. This piece is $210 new.  Sell for $150 Shipped.  SOLD 10/12/17



Triumph Solo Seat cover $100 Shipped SOLD Key lock with one key, cable and latch available $40 Shipped

OEM Taillight $50 shipped Available


Tail light cover $50 Shipped  SOLD 2/9/18



675R passenger seat

675R passenger seat  $110 Shipped  SOLD 7/5


Pazzo 1

Pazzo “Shorty” White Powder coated Brake and Clutch lever with Blue anodized adjustment tabs. $185 shipped. Brand New.  SOLD 4/8



EvoTech Front axle crash bobbins $40 Shipped

EvoTech Front axle crash bobbins $40 Shipped SOLD 4/7




EvoTech rear paddock stand bobbins. $30 Shipped

EvoTech rear paddock stand bobbins. $30 Shipped SOLD 9/5


SS Exhaust Trim with hardware

SS Exhaust Trim with hardware

SS Exhaust Trim #2

SS Exhaust Trim $25 Shipped Available

IMG_1310 IMG_1309

OEM SS Exhaust Trim near outlet

OEM SS Exhaust Trim near outlet

SS Exhaust Trim

Stainless Steel OEM Heat Shield  $25 Shipped   Available


Black Guard

OEM Heat Shield $25 Shipped SOLD 5/26


OEM Headers

OEM Headers $200 shipped  Available


OEM cover

Heat Shield $15 shipped    Available


OEM Radiator Fan Shroud

Fan Shroud $150 Shipped   Available

OEM Radiator fan

OEM Radiator fan


OEM Radiator fan 2

OEM Fan $150 Shipped   Available


L&R OEM Rearsets with shifter or brake lever $125 per side shipped

L&R OEM Rearset with heel guard and shifter or brake lever $125 per side shipped Available



OEM Rear brake switch

Rear Brake Light Switch $25 Shipped Available

OEM O2 sensor Available

Radiator Fan nutsMisc bolts 2

657R OEM mirrors

OEM mirrors $50 each Shipped  BOTH SOLD 7/5


Triumph OEM Windscreen $75 Shipped

OEM Windscreen $75 Shipped SOLD 10/12/17


OEM Front turn signals

Front Triumph Turns signals $25 each Shipped SOLD 9/5


OEM dipstick & oil fill cap

Triumph OEM black Oil fill cap and Oil check dipstick $5 each Shipped. Available


OEM Chain guard

Triumph OEM chain guard $20 Shipped Available


Exhaust bolts L&R side inlay 2 L&R side inlay OEM Turn signal & Tag holder


Passenger Pegs

Left and Right Passenger pegs  Both are SOLD 7/9

OEM Front and Rear Sprocket 3002 miles $40 shipped.  OEM Chain 3002 miles needs fresh master clip $27 shipped.  All three $55 shipped.  All still available.


Sharkskins Race Tail. $75 shipped. Damage on right side only, see pic below.  All mounting tabs perfect condition.  Uses stock seat not included.

SOLD 10/31/17


Stock Headlight bulbs $15 shipped for pair AVAILABLE


OEM left Clip -On $45 Shipped SOLD 2/9/18



OEM Bar-end weights $20 shipped  SOLD 1/30/18

Above is actually 2 OEM pieces: FINISHER,COCKPIT,PNTD T2309492 and POSITION LIGHT UNIT T2701610  $30 Shipped for both as shown. Note that the threaded insert piece at the tip of the V was repaired properly with Plast-Aid. AVAILABLE

Me and Erin Bates at Atlanta Supercross

Me and Earl Hayden at Barber