I bought a unfinished project bike with the intention of parting it out from the get go.  All these parts are from a stock 2007 SV650S with the exception of some cool mods like the obvious GSXR600/750 front end.  Many OEM and aftermarket parts are still in the original wrapper and have never been installed much less used.  Hope to sell everything on the WERA board or SVrider.  My intention is to be different from most with my part-out in that I thoroughly clean everything that is not brand new so you don’t have to and try to present it so you can truly tell what you’re getting.  No piles of greasy parts in the driveway for sale here.  If you want I can email you higher res pics.  Most all items are priced as SHIPPED.  I’m open to discussion of delivery/meeting in the Southeast US on things like frame, engine, front-end, brand new fuel tank…things that make sense.  I can always find a trackday, WERA event or mountain bike park somewhere along the way.

Please call with questions or to discuss your project, I enjoy it !

Contact :  Steve Hunt  steverh@bellsouth.net   text or call  904-654-0221  Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net

Constructive feedback on pics, info or details always welcome and appreciated. I owned/tracked a Gen 1 for over a decade but don’t necessarily know every detail on Gen 2.


“Trackday and Racer” oriented parts listed first.  “Street” oriented parts are grouped together further below.  Obviously some crossover.  Free with purchase stuff listed at very end.


Gen 2 SV650 Brand New unused M4 Carbon slip on exhaust (SU6614) with M4 muffler strap/pad, M4 springs, M4 midpipe. Complete system using the stock OEM head pipes (2007). Headpipes have been media blasted, primered and painted with 2000 degree paint for this sale. Perfect finish. Includes everything, even the flange bolts and new OEM exhaust gaskets. $500 shipped for all or $425 shipped without the headpipes (M4 components only).  More pics available. M4 site says 2003-2010. I can primer and paint the M4 midpipe if you want it black like the rest if the pipe.   SOLD



-$350 – 2007 SV650 frame, 12,000 street miles, never been on the track, excellent finish and clear title. Swing arm included if wanted.
-$250 – Woodcraft Front triple tree stand w/ pin for SV and Rear spool stand.  Will separate.



$1350 for all, save yourself LOTS of time.  Nothing left to do but bolt it on your SV frame.  I’m open for discussion on delivering/meeting to save hassle or risk damage.  ALL SOLD

  • 2005/06 GSXR600/750 front end for SV650 Gen 2.
  • stock steering stabilizer, 50mm tubes, Fork internals are stock.
  • “All Balls Racing” bearings installed in GSXR triples ready to bolt-on to SV frame.
  • Front wheel in near perfect condition with original black powder coat. New valve stem installed.  Includes axle and spacer.
  • 310mm GSXR rotors with Qty (4) – 5mm caliper mounting spacers.
  • Rotors “cleaned” with Brake Tech rotor hone, ready for breaking in new pads.
  • Calipers have been media blaster and ready for paint.  (2) Caliper paint kits included (black)
  • Brand new Spiegler front brake lines.
  • Brand new GSXR front fender (Black)
  • Brand new Suzuki OEM post recall GSXR radial master cylinder kit with reservoir/bracket/hardware
  • Brand new Pazzo adjustable levers. SV650 clutch, GSXR brake
  • Brand new Galfer standard semi metallic pads
  • Brand New Motion Pro Clutch cable  (04-0270)
  • Brand New Motion Pro Throttle cable (04-0259)

Have questions? Contact me.

Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net


Brand New Suzuki tank…never seen the light of day.  $525  OEM tank heat shield included if needed.

Dozens of OEM pieces, spacers, clips, stand-offs, hardware etc….all associated with fairing and gas tank, included if wanted.

-Brand New never used OEM front cowling  $350



OEM Throttle Bodies w/cables of 2007 SV650S with 12,000 miles, $125 shipped.  Throttle tube collar in pic has been removed.

Brand new Motion Pro cables throttle cables SOLD

OEM Radiator with cap and temperature switch. Excellent condition, clearly its never been on the track.  $100 Shipped SOLD

OEM Radiator side trim, brand new $20 Shipped



Additional set of Forks off 2005 GSXR750, (not from the complete front end above)   50mm tubes, Stock internals.  Excellent condition. Tubes perfectly smooth, no nicks or pits.  Never been on the track.  Includes axle, spacer and pinch bolts.  $375 Shipped.



Suzuki OEM Main Wiring Harness completely unmolested excellent condition. Connectors labeled for your convenience.  Headlight sub-harness included if wanted, dual plug coils included if wanted,  $125 Shipped.  ECU available for sale.



Have questions? Contact me.

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-OEM start controls.  (2) available.  Compare the two in the center pic.

One is brand new unused $55 shipped  SOLD

-One 100% functional some mild sun fade $35 shipped.  Available



Vortex Frame Sliders.  Stands off the frame 3.75″   Replaceable end caps and body.  $92 shipped new, Sell for $65 Shipped



OEM Suzuki Upper/Lower Radiator hoses.  (2) sets available, One set brand new in the wrapper $40 Shipped  SOLD                       and the used set $25 Shipped. Still available

YamahaR6 Throttle Tube  $15 Shipped



OEM Fuel pump/filter 4 prong brown plug $150 Shipped  SOLD

OEM Voltage regulator/rectifier double plug $20 Shipped

OEM ECU Dual plug 2007+  (17GCO  MGT123  F8T51176  6Z26)  $80 Shipped



OEM Throttle Bodies off a 2007 SV650 with 12,000 mi.  Includes cables.  Throttle tube case assembly pictured has been removed, $125 Shipped


Have questions? Contact me.

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Zero Gravity Smoked Double Bubble 2003-2010 SV650S and 2003-2008 SV1000S.  Brand New never used.  $65 Shipped SOLD



Suzuki OEM subframe. Untouched, straight and true includes mounting bolts. $75 Shipped



Suzuki Rear Wheel off 2007 Excellent condition, perfectly clean.  Includes rear rotor, cush drive rubbers and new valve stem installed.  $125 shipped, a little less if your in the Southeast.  Several Sprocket carriers available.  I will include one if wanted.  It is very nice at the track to have different sprockets already mounted to a carrier.


OEM rear brake caliper and bracket.  Media blasted and ready for paint.  $35 Shipped for both SOLD

Galfer Semi metallic standard rear pads $25 Shipped SOLD

Spiegler rear SS braided brake line for SV650 $25 Shipped   SOLD




M4 Exhaust SOLD



Have questions? Contact me.

Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net


Woodcraft Rearsets with Woodcraft brake and shift lever  2003-2011 SV650   Brand new still in the original wrapper.  These were $425 shipped new, sell for $350 shipped.  SOLD

Woodcraft front brake reservoir Bracket.  Brand new unused. $15 shipped or $10 thrown in with any other purchase.  SOLD



Woodcraft 50mm clip-ons with 1.5″ rise, one pair of black bars.  Brand new unused.  These were $190 Shipped new, sell for $150 shipped.  A second set of used silver bars included with above for total of $160 Shipped  SOLD 



Woodcraft Bar end Sliders. Brand new unused.  These work with Woodcraft bars or any 5/8″ inside diameter bar.  These were $60 shipped new, sell for $45 shipped.



Suzuki OEM Front and rear seat.  Excellent condition, no snags, nicks or tears.  $200 $150 SHIPPED for both. SOLD



Suzuki OEM Front Fairing Stay  $100 SHIPPED


Have questions? Contact me.

Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net


2007 Dual plug SV650 bone stock engine  12,000 miles.  Can get involved with delivery or meeting SOLD

Frame still available



Motion Pro Cables, Brand New never used.  Push-Pull Throttle set and Clutch cable.  Both for $50 SHIPPED  SOLD

-OEM Suzuki Clutch cable with or without actuator.  Cable only $15 shipped, Cable and actuator $25 shipped



Battery Heat Shield.  $10 SHIPPED



OEM Fuel Tank Heat Shield  $25  SHIPPED  can include the rubber heat mat that lays on top of the rear cylinder valve cover for free if wanted.



⇓   More Street Oriented Parts from here down. ⇓

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Haynes Service and Repair Manual $25 Shipped  SOLD




-Driven D3 grips, 0630-0700.  Brand new never used or mounted.  New were $75 shipped, Sell $45 SHIPPED



-OEM Radiator side trim Brand New $20 Shipped for both

-OEM rear brake light switch $10 Shipped



-OEM Kick Stand Switch $15 Shipped

-OEM Rear Passenger Pegs L&R mounts and pegs, Excellent condition $20 Shipped for all.

-OEM Complete Tool Kit $15 Shipped



Brand New, Zero miles. EK525MVXZ Black and Gold chain kit.  Pre-cut to Length 108 links. Includes Master Link

Superlite 45T rear Steel sprocket in Black.  Comes with steel 15T front sprocket.

Chain, Front and Rear sprocket all zero miles – $150 Shipped for all.



Brand New K&N Air Filter “0” miles, comes with 2 cans of spray air filter oil, (2) HiFlo HF138 oil filters and Motion Pro oil filter magnet. $65 Shipped for allSOLD



H4 12V 60/55W  Super bright OEM replacement bulbs  $15 Shipped SOLD

-Driven D3 grips, 0630-0700.  Brand new never used or mounted.  New were $75 shipped, Sell $45 Shipped

Steve’s TRE with Switch.  2003-2012 SV650  $30 Shipped  SOLD


Have questions? Contact me.

Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net



-OEM Turn Signal/Headlight/Horn control.  Compare the two in the right pic.

One in very good condition $65 Shipped  SOLD

The other 100% functional but with very mild sun fade $40 shipped  SOLD



-OEM start controls.  (2) available.  Compare the two in the left pic.

One is brand new unused $55 Shipped  SOLD

-One 100% functional some very mild sun fade $35 Shipped.  Available





(2) Stock OEM turn Signals with OEM connectors intact, used $40 for pair Shipped   SOLD

(2) LED  turn signals used 5.5″ long $25 Shipped     Still Available

(4) LED turn signals smoked lens Brand New 2.75″ long $25 per pair Shipped  SOLD

(4) LED turn signals smoked lens Brand New 3.25″ long $25 per pair Shipped   Still Available

-(1) LED flasher relay Brand New $5 Shipped  SOLD



-Tidy Tail/Fender eliminator with LED license plate light.  $50 Shipped  SOLD

-Targa front turn signal kit used to mount the small LED signals in the stock location on front of SV650S and SV1000 $10 Shipped OR free thrown in with purchase of 4 LED turn signals.


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Suzuki OEM mirrors, Perfect condition $40 each SHIPPED, $70 SHIPPED for pair



OEM Suzuki K6/K7  frame covers  (1) Left and (1) Right, excellent condition.  Both $25 Shipped  SOLD



Brand New Suzuki tank…never seen the light of day. $525  Buy the Blue you really wanted and sell your ugly color!



Dozens of OEM pieces, spacers, clips, stand-offs, hardware etc….all associated with fairing and gas tank, included if wanted.



-Brand New never used OEM front Blue cowling  $350

-Brand New never used OEM Headlights  $250 Shipped   SOLD

-Brand New never used OEM dash panel  $60 Shipped SOLD

-Brand New never used OEM front cowl under cover    $45 Shipped

Have questions? Contact me.

Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net



-OEM panel trim (Lid, Meter Panel) Completes dash panel just above.  Brand New never used, $20 shipped for both

-OEM Instrument Cluster, excellent condition no sun damage, shows approx 12,000 miles. $100 Shipped



Have questions? Contact me.


OEM clutch lever, ball end broke off.  $10 Shipped



OEM Key set.  Main Ignition, Gas cap and rear latch all keyed the same.  2 keys included.  $100 Shipped



Have questions? Contact me.

Paypal to steverh@bellsouth.net


Any of these items below are FREE shipped with any purchased item OR shipped alone and you pay actual shipping only.

-Airbox, counter-sprocket cover, overflow tank, chain adjusters, license plate light

-Side stand, +positive cable with start relay, dual plug coils, “S” fairing supports

-Rear fender with plate mount, rear under fender, battery tray, misc plastic

-Stator cover w/bolts

-Single peg, peg with heel guard, rear brake lever, clip on, shift lever with linkage, OEM throttle tube w/grip

-(2) Exhaust heat shields, radiator fan, horn, radiator side trim, headlight bulb rubber holders, rear seat latch