This is a complete Part-Out of a 2004 SV650S (K4).  Excellent condition bike set up nicely as a Sport Tourer.  All parts below are off this one bike.  I have finished taking it completely apart.  Everything is cleaned, pictured individually and priced.  The goal is to set this up for you to make a quick and easy decision on what you want.  Call or text Steve (904-654-0221).  Most all items are priced as SHIPPED and listed as such.  We will need to discuss items like Frame, Engine, Fuel tank and Fairing….I’m open to discussion of delivery/meeting in the Southeast US on these bigger items.  I can always find a trackday, WERA event or mountain bike park somewhere along the way.  (Jennings and Roebling are easy to include in a deal…I’m sure you want to ride Jennings during the winter months cause it’s not cold here people!!)



Ricor rear shock for Gen 2 SV650.  Perfect condition, looks like brand new.  Adjustable pre-load collar tool included.  Eibach Spring.  Sprung for rider + gear in the 210-225lb range.  Fits nicely in a USPS Flat rate box so 2 day Priority shipping included in $450 price.  Currently sells new for $550 plus shipping.  PayPal to  AVAILABLE

Ricor Shocks info Link



SV650 Front & Rear Wheels.  Amazingly great condition.  Rear will include cush drive rubbers and all spacers.   Rear 2003+ $150 SHIPPED, AVAILABLE.  Front will include rotor bolts and speedo drive/spacer if needed.  Front wheel 2003+ $145 SHIPPED, AVAILABLE


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Brand New, Zero miles Superlite 525  45 Tooth rear Steel sprocket in Black.  $40 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

EK525MVXZ Black and Gold chain.  Pre-cut to Length 108 links total, including the Master Link. SOLD

(2) OEM Sprocket Carriers with sprocket bolts and nuts  Fits Gen 1 & 2  99-2009  (1) SOLD (1) still AVAILABLE $40 SHIPPED



SV Racing Parts (SVRP)  Black anodized 3.5″ bar risers, 41mm fork clamps, handlebars with bar end sliders, Gafler SS braided lines matched length to go with 3.5″ risers, Stainless Steel banjo bolts with copper crush washers. $250 SHIPPED for all.  AVAILABLE

Nissin 5/8 Radial Master with adjustable reach lever and Woodcraft billet reservoir mount.  $125 SHIPPED.  This radial master along with above Gafler brake lines and the SVRP 3.5″ bar riser set up above were all used together for a nice Sport Tourer.  AVAILABLE



Front Stainless Steel wave rotors 3000 miles.  $125 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

Rear Stainless Steel wave rotor 3000 miles $50 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

Galfer sintered brake pads Front and Rear  $75 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

Front/Rear rotors with Front/Rear Galfer pads $200 SHIPPED for all.


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OEM Suzuki Tokico Front calipers with mounting bolts, 3000 miles on rebuild, $100 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



Rear OEM Caliper (bracket included if wanted). $30 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

Rear Axle and nut (swingarm chain adjusters included if wanted). $25 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

Rear master cylinder with reservoir, banjo bolt, crush washers and mounting bolts.  $30 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

Goodridge Speed Bleeders  SB8125  8mm x 1.25  $10 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



SV Forks with Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 Cartridge inserts. .925 springs Maxium 7wt oil, 110mm oil height.  Traxxion documentation included. $1050 SHIPPEDSOLD



OEM Fuel Pump.  3 Prong White plug, includes O-Ring and mounting screws.  $150 SHIPPED SOLD 



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2004 Mikuni OEM Throttle Body.  (2003-2006 Orange injectors)  Video of engine running smooth and crisp Nov 2019  just before disassembly in December.  Includes fuel line and dual throttle cables if wanted.  $150 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE




Blackstone Lab Oil Report 2004 SV650S

2004 SV650  38,000 street mile engine, bone stock.  I have a video of the bike running flawlessly in Nov 2019 just prior to me starting the part-out process.  Blackstone-Lab oil analysis report in link above.   $650 can include meeting at Jennings, Roebling or Road A.  I’m sure you got to be thinking about a 70 degree track day at Jennings. Willing to discuss meeting elsewhere in the Southeast…if the deal makes sense.  Add Throttle Body and radiator and your running.  I have both if you need them.   Frame also available (Clear Title VIN#JS1VP53A942101349)  $350  can include swing-arm and engine bolt kit/spacers if wanted.



Two Brothers Racing C2 Oval Carbon Fiber slip-on, TBR midpipe, TBR Stainless mounting strap. SV650 OEM headers.  Head pipes have been media blasted then coated with VHT 2000 degree primer and 2 coats of VHT 2000 degree black paint. Pipes perfect condition, no dents no dings. Can rivets drilled out, repacked, end caps polished and reassembled.  Fresh “TBR” logo badge.  Includes (2) midpipe springs (4) flange bolts and (2) collector pipe mounting bolts and OEM lower heat shield.  100% complete, bolt it on.  $425 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



LSL Frame Sliders for SV650 03-10.  Notice pic comparing the the left vs right and the very slight testing of the right slider.  No rash at all of the yellow aluminum part just slightly on the replaceable rubber pad.  Not worth replacing.  New $165 plus shipping Sell for $115 SHIPPED AVAILABLE 


OEM Left & Right Mirrors with mounting screws.  Slight scuff highlighted on pic of right-side mirror (open pic to see) $55 SHIPPED for both.  AVAILABLE


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SV650S Radiator.  Includes neck extension hose, radiator cap, temperature sender, overflow tube and mounting bolts.  $125 SOLD

Radiator aluminum side trim $20 pair SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

Upper & Lower radiator hoses $25 pair SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

Radiator Cooling fan $45 SHIPPED AVAILABLE


OEM Rearsets.  $115 per side SHIPPED  Left side includes rearset mount, peg, heel guard, shift lever, complete shift linkage and mounting bolts.  Right side includes rearset mount, peg, heel guard, brake lever and mounting bolts.  Also include rear brake light switch if wanted. Both Sides AVAILABLE

OEM Bar-end sliders Both $15 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

L & R Passenger Pegs with mounting bolts.  $30 SHIPPED for pair.  AVAILABLE



L &R OEM Clip-ons.  $40 SHIPPED for pair.  AVAILABLE

Helibar Clip-on.  Left only.  $30 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



OEM Air Filter.  3000 miles   $30 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

“Proficient Motorcycling”  $15 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

OEM Gauge Cluster.  38,000 miles showing, Excellent condition, no sun damage, clear lens. $100 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

OEM Chain Guard with mounting screws. $25 SHIPPED AVAILABLE




All off a 2004 Gen 2 SV650. Fits 2004+ SV650/1000

OEM front seat in mint condition removed from bike many years ago $125 SHIPPED AVAILABLE
OEM reat seat in mint condition removed from bike many years ago $85 SHIPPED AVAILABLE
Corbin front seat with yellow piping trim. Seat in good condition, no cuts or nicks but does show some signs of weathering (black not as glossy as it was originally) $140 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE



OEM Rear Tail light.  No sun damage, perfectly clear lens $45 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

OEM Tool kit w/pouch.  $20 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

OEM Windshield   All mounting points perfect condition. Typical specs and scuffs from 38,000 miles but no scratches. $40 SOLD


SV Tank Bra.  Excellent condition. $20 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



Zero Gravity Smoked Sport Touring Windscreen.  Notice in the pic that the upper right side has the corner cleanly snapped off.  All mounting points are fine.  If you want a cheap screen to put on during the cold months and don’t care about the corner here’s a cheap route to go.  $30 SHIPPED   AVAILABLE



3-Piece Key set.  Ignition, Fuel Cap, Rear seat lock w/cable. (2) keys included.  All $75 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE

Swingarm Spools for rear stand.  For SV or any other swingarm using 8mm bolt for the spool fitting.  $25 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

“SV” branded grips.  $15 SHIPPED  AVAILABLE


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(2) Plug Wires/Coils, ohm out perfectly. $30 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

OEM Wiring harness completely unmolested and all connections tagged for your convenience $75 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

OEM Engine Control Module (ECM) F8T95773 MGT 062 4107   (Fits 2003-2004) $65 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

OEM Regulator/Rectifier $35 SHIPPED AVAILABLE

(4) OEM Turn Signals with mounting studs, hardware and OEM connectors  $25 each SHIPPED AVAILABLE


PDM60  Power Distribution Module  Includes unique cord for programming circuit capacities and various functions. No fuses, you determine the trip point of each circuit as well as on/off delay of a circuit if desired.  (Grip heaters or GPS for example).  Original packaging and manual included.  $150 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



Subframe 2004+  Includes main mounting bolts. Perfect condition, straight and true.  Will include complete black plastic undertail/wheel-well if needed.  $125 SHIPPED AVAILABLE



Black Plastic side covers. 2004+ Gen 2 650/1000    Excellent condition. $45 SHIPPED SOLD


OEM Fuel Tank Excellent condition inside and out.  I can remove the stick-on tank protector if you want.  I assume you want to use your key set so I plan to remove the fuel cap and sell the cap with ignition key switch and rear seat key latch as a set. If you want to do a deal with the cap let me know.  Includes hinge, front mount grommets and side edge protectors. (no fuel pump) Tank has been completely ventilated and I can ship but lets discuss location and see if we can do a hand-off. $350

Excellent condition Front Fender with mounting bolts.  $75

Front Fairing in perfect condition except for one scrape shown in pic on right edge.  Includes black under fairing piece in pic. Includes side fairing supports pictured.  Includes your choice of one of the two available dash panels.  One has a USB socket in place the other does not.  Can include LED turn signals if wanted.  All mounting points, glass and headlights are 100%.  $300

Complete Tail Section Excellent condition.  All mounting points 100%  Includes grommets, mounting bolts, T piece, center top piece, grab handle.  $225

Solo seat tail cover  Excellent condition.  $100 SHIPPED




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Ventura Luggage Rack w/51L Bag  SV650, SV650S (03-12)  SV1000, SV1000S (03-07)  Large Main compartment, Front Pocket, Left side clear Map pocket, right side quick access non weather proof pocket, includes an additional smaller secondary bag (with rain cover) that rides on rear pack rack (some sun fade on smaller bag).  Includes L brackets, rear pack rack and all hardware to completely mount.  Very easy to install, original instructions included $500 new, sell $205 SHIPPED Available

Link to new version of above Ventura 51L info




Bilt Thinsulate/Waterproof lined light winter gloves.  Near perfect condition, no sign of any wear.  Labeled size 3X…seems much smaller to me.  They fit me just a little large and I have had 3 pair of Held Road Race gloves sized as 9.5 Large.  $40 Shipped  Available


Items below are FREE and shipped with any purchased item or Free without buying anything and you pay actual USPS shipping. 

If the item has a strike-through in the list below then it has been given away already.

Sidestand switch, carb boots, airbox valve, airbox sensor, airbox, heat mat, bar-ends, fuel tank prop, speed bleeders, front brake pad pins, Both a 44 & a 45 tooth OEM steel rear sprocket, stainless exhaust heat shield, chain slider