I have owned this 1999 SV650 since 2000.  It has always been a track bike for me.  All the street parts for sale were taken off the bike in 2000 with approximately 3000 miles on it.



Penske Triple Clicker with 650# 7" spring. Perfect for me at 160+23lbs gear = 180lbs

Penske 8987 Triple Clicker with 650# 7″ spring. Has high and low speed compression adj, along with rebound, preload and ride height adj. Perfect for me at 155+23lbs gear = 173lbs on the SV. Penske chart says this spring is right for 160-190lbs w/gear. Serviced within last 8-10 trackdays.  Perfect condition $775 Shipped.  This shock is $1250 new plus shipping.  I am the original owner.  SOLD 

Penske 8987 Triple Clicker INFO



SOLD — RC51 Nissin Calipers on Gen 1 or Gen 2 forks.  Invested $625, Sell $425 shipped OBO for Calipers, SV Racing Parts adapters, Stainless Steel mounting hardware and EBC HH pads shipped….all Brand New, 2 track days old before I blew the motor…Doh

These Nissin calipers used on CBR 600 F4 – F4i, 929R, 954R, CBR 600RR and RC 51…plenty of great stopping power.


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Clutch Cover Gloss Black. Includes OEM chrome mounting bolts, large O-ring and Oil fill cap. $55 shipped.

OEM Clutch Cover Gloss Black. Includes OEM chrome mounting bolts, large O-ring and Oil fill cap. $55 shipped.   AVAILABLE




Barnett Clutch Plates w/springs, spacers, bolts.  $100 Shipped.  Will include OEM clutch Disc below if you need it.  All Excellent condition. (out of a 86hp Gen 1 motor)






Starter Gear $25 shipped

Starter Gear $25 shipped  AVAILABLE




Keihin FCR 41 Flatslide Carbs - SOLD

Keihin FCR 41 Flatslide Carbs $750 – SOLD


Stock OEM Pistons, rods, bearings, valve springs, head bolts (Valve Springs and Connecting Rods SOLD)

Pistons, heads, bearings and head bolts AVAILABLE




$25 shipped – stock OEM fork springs AVAILABLE

$5 shipped – stock water temp sender  AVAILABLE 



$15 shipped for boots only.  OEM carb to airbox boots  AVAILABLE


$25 shipped OEM Airbox and carb to airbox boots   AVAILABLE

Starter Relay

Starter Relay  $5 Shipped  AVAILABLE


Starter w/ cable

Starter SOLD  cable available $5 shipped




Ground cable $5 shipped  AVAILABLE



Clutch actuator cover with chrome mounting bolts $15 shipped  AVAILABLE


Clutch actuator cover




Stock Coils with plug wires and boots complete.  They ohm out just fine. $40 shipped AVAILABLE


IMG_1050 IMG_1041

DID 520VM Gold chain with brand new “clip style” master clip. $55 shipped.  SOLD



Vortex and PBI aluminum 520 sprockets. $25 each shipped or all 5 for $100 shipped

Vortex and PBI aluminum 520 sprockets. $25 each shipped. All Sprockets are SOLD 



Cush Drive Rubbers $30 Shipped. Good shape, probably better than what you have if you’re thinking you need them.  AVAILABLE


Sprocket carrier with sprocket mounting bolts. $60 each shipped. Many PBI and Vortex sprockets available too.

Sprocket carrier with sprocket mounting bolts. $50 each shipped. Make your life much easier changing a sprocket at the track with sprockets already mounted to spare carrier.  AVAILABLE


Stock OEM Thermostat $10 shipped

Stock OEM Thermostat $10 shipped AVAILABLE




Oil Pressure sender with rubber boot and screw $5 shipped  AVAILABLE



OEM Rear Wheel Hugger / Shock protector $10 shipped   AVAILABLE 


Swingarm Chain tension adjusters. $25 shipped




Chain Slider $20 shipped




Swingarm with pivot bolt, hardware, shock linkage and chain slider $60 shipped  AVAILABLE





Cam Chain sprockets

Stock cam chain gears – $20 shipped, 3000 miles  AVAILABLE


Radiator fan

Stock OEM fan with 3000 miles – $40 shipped



Rear Brake line

Stock OEM Brake line $10 Shipped AVAILABLE


Gear Position Sensor - $15 shipped

Gear Position Sensor – $15 shipped



Raditor side trim

L&R OEM Radiator side trim $10 each shipped, $15 for the pair shipped AVAILABLE


Renthal Kevlar Grips $15 Shipped Available


Brake Pins $7 Shipped Available

Me and Erin Bates at Atlanta Supercross