I have owned this 1999 SV650 since 2000.  It has always been a track bike for me.  All the street parts for sale were taken off the bike in 2000 with approximately 3000 miles on it.

Time to make room in the garage, need to clear the rack of these Gen 1 parts.  No reasonable offer refused.

Have questions? Contact me.



Clutch Cover Gloss Black. Includes OEM chrome mounting bolts, large O-ring and Oil fill cap. $55 shipped.

OEM Clutch Cover Gloss Black. Includes OEM chrome mounting bolts, large O-ring and Oil fill cap. $55 shipped.   AVAILABLE



Barnett Clutch Plates w/springs, spacers, bolts.  $100 Shipped.  Will include OEM clutch Disc below if you need it.  All Excellent condition. (out of a 86hp Gen 1 motor)  SOLD





Starter Gear $25 shipped

Starter Gear $25 shipped  AVAILABLE




Stock OEM Pistons, rods, bearings, valve springs, head bolts (Valve Springs and Connecting Rods SOLD)

Pistons, heads, bearings and head bolts AVAILABLE




$25 shipped – stock OEM fork springs AVAILABLE




$5 shipped – stock water temp sender  AVAILABLE 



Starter Relay  $5 Shipped  AVAILABLE

Ground cable $5 shipped  AVAILABLE


Clutch actuator cover with chrome mounting bolts $15 shipped  AVAILABLE


Stock Coils with plug wires and boots complete.  They ohm out just fine. $20 shipped AVAILABLE


Cush Drive Rubbers $20 Shipped. Good shape.   AVAILABLE


Sprocket carrier with sprocket mounting bolts. $40 each shipped. Make your life much easier changing a sprocket at the track with sprockets already mounted to spare carrier.  AVAILABLE




Stock OEM Thermostat $10 shipped

Stock OEM Thermostat $10 shipped AVAILABLE



Swingarm Chain tension adjusters. $25 shipped





Swingarm with pivot bolt, hardware, shock linkage and chain slider Free you pay actual shipping AVAILABLE



Cam Chain sprockets

Stock cam chain gears – $20 shipped, 3000 miles  AVAILABLE


Radiator fan

Stock OEM fan with 3000 miles – $30 shipped



Rear Brake line

Stock OEM Brake line $10 Shipped AVAILABLE


Gear Position Sensor - $15 shipped

Gear Position Sensor – $15 shipped



Me and Erin Bates at Atlanta Supercross